let's get personal.

Kendra Aarhus & Eric Van Kerckhove Family Photo

I'm Kendra...

Writing a bio is weird. Having an entire website dedicated to who you are and what you do also seems weird. I grew up in and still live in rural Iowa community where life is honest and humble, and standing out as a influencer isn't exactly normal, but here we are, killing it. 

I'm married to Eric, who owns Allegra Printing, and I have two step daughters, Rae & Alex. My husband is the mayor of our town and we take our roles as leaders very seriously around here.


Leadership is hard...

I'm not always sure how I got here, and it's certainly wasn't the direction I was headed. I was never going to be an entrepreneur, I was going to be some kind of business woman. College didn't pan out for me and neither did being a great employee. I sunk my teeth into business ownership in 2008 and I haven't looked back, even after my business was destroyed by a natural disaster two months after I opened

We will chat more about that in my blog or on my podcast. 


... but complacency is harder.

I have never been the kind of person to back down from a challenge or settle for less than I am capable of achieving. On the surface, I do makeup, but you'll soon realize that makeup is just a front for a much bigger purpose. I thought my purpose was to make a million dollars, find success, buy a big house and retire early. 

I've learned my purpose starts in leaving my mark on the world, and then expands into inspiring the the world to live their purpose. Our conversation may start around choosing an eyeliner or the right skin care routine... 

... but that's just the beginning.  

We should do more together.