Welcome to the team! Let's get you off to the best start (or restart).

First Steps Check List

Welcome to LimeLife. Whether this is your first day or you're relaunching your business, this is a great place to start and be sure you're up to date.

During your first days as a LimeLife Beauty Guide, you probably feel excited, nervous, and a little anxious to get started! This list will help you direct your energy as you wait for your starter kit!

Sign up for a Welcome Call!

I would love an opportunity to personally welcome you to our team. Please sign up for a quick welcome call or contact your upline to get in communication about your goals and objectives.

Be sure you are getting corporate updates...

You should be getting updates via email from our corporate office. To be sure, sign up below. 

Set up a Party in Your Back Office

Earn hostess rewards and have a place to put customer orders when you set up a party in your back office. 

Join Our Facebook Pages...

LimeLife uses Facebook for lots of training and connection. Check out this page to be sure you are added to our groups. In the event that a link doesn't work for you, it simply means the group is private and you have to be added by a current member of the group. Contact your upline sponsor to be added to any of our groups. 

Learn more about Fast Start Goals!

The best way to find success in your new LimeLife business is to CRUSH Fast Start Goals. Fast Start allows you to earn even more cash and free product by meeting the specified goals in the timeline provided. Research shows that Beauty Guides that Fast Start find more success than those that do not! 

Move Your Business Forward

Now that you've got the basics down, let's move forward with moving your business in the right direction. Following these important steps will help ensure your continued success! 

Order Business Cards

LimeLife has a great partnership with VistaPrint! You'll have professional business cards to represent your new business that look amazing and come at lightening speed. Other marketing materials are available here as well. 

Set Up a Party in Your Back Office

This video  will show you how to set up a party and get orders placed under that  party so you or a hostess earns hostess rewards! Yes... you can earn  hostess rewards under your own party.

The Importance of Branding

Our strength as a company lies in our strong and consistent brand. Learn more about the LimeLife brand and how to use it in this video from Patty. 

Policies & Procedures

You're a business owner now, and it's important to know the rules to ensure professional conduct. I know this isn't the funnest part of training, but Jacob's video makes policy fun to learn. 

Learn More About Attraction Marketing

LimeLife does a lot of training on the concept of building your  personal brand based on attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is  the concept that people will want to be a part of your organization as a  customer or a team member because you authentically share your  experiences without being salesy, pushy, or gimmicky. It's about sharing  who you are, what you are, and in a way that gets your point across in  an attractive way. This video will help you get a glimpse into attraction marketing and how to apply this concept to your social media posts.

Announce Your Business

Now that you're an official Beauty Guide in Training, you'll want to  let the world know! Be sure to check out the Resources Tab in your Back  Office for photos and marketing materials to promote your business.  Announcing your partnership with LimeLight is an individual process.  Some people shout it from every mountain top, and others do not. Here  are some ideas to announce your business to family and friends:

  • Get  personal with phone calls and in person meetings. These are by far the  most effective ways to talk about your business with your closest  friends.
  • Send text messages to your family and friends sharing your excitement!
  • Use email to send a little information to your audience (don't forget a link to your web site).
  • Announce via social media channels with a post. Remember, a picture says a thousand words. 

Build Your Kit

As a LimeLight Beauty Guide in Training, you may want to purchase  additional items from your back office to build your kit. It can be  overwhelming to know which products are best to buy. Here are some best practice considerations:

  • Download FULL KIT recommendations here, SKIN CARE ONLY recommendations here, or MAKEUP KIT ONLY recommendations here.
  • Remember  to place this order under your own party. As a Beauty Guide, LimeLight  allows you to be your own hostess and earn hostess rewards to further  build your kit.
  • Even when you place this order at  "wholesale" pricing (20% off retail), the full retail value of your own  purchases will go toward your Fast Start goals!
  • Please see your upline for additional recommendations on foundation colors to order based on your client demographic. 

Plan Your Launch Party

You're set up for success, and now it's time to start selling. Launch  parties can be as unique as you are. There is no right or wrong way to  launch your business. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Invite your local family and friends over to your home for a spa night or girls night in.
  • Host an event at a local restaurant, coffee shop, or venue.
  • Ask your most social friend to be your launch party hostess.
  • Have an online Facebook launch party!

Product Training 101

You're ready to do some product training! This section will break down the very basics. 

Learn More About our Skin Care

Get a starter understanding of our skin care line from our CEO Madison Mallardi. 

Learn More About our Makeup

Learn more about our makeup with this engaging and brief video from our CEO Madison Mallardi. 

Learn to Clean Your Makeup Kit

Proper sanitation is super easy and, to prove it, my daughter Alex shows us how it's done in this video.

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