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 This Page will feature tools that will help you navigate your makeup training. 

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LimeLife Foundation Matching

LimeLife’s botanical foundation comes from RCMA (The Research Council of Makeup Artists) and is one of the top-selling professional foundations worldwide. It is used by makeup artists for celebrities including Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Blake Lively. 

It does not contain any animal product ingredients, perfume, lanolin, petroleum, or mineral oil—the first two can cause allergic reactions on some skins, and the last two are not absorbed by the skin, causing excess oiliness on the surface. In other words, this foundation is healthy for the skin, will never clog pores, and has cured facial acne for many of our customers! Most commercial liquid foundations have a ratio of about 18 to 23 percent of pigment to the liquid. Our foundation has at least 50% pigments to waxes and oils so that a very little bit goes a long way. 

How to Determine Warm or Cool Undertone

First, ask yourself or your customer these questions:

  • Do you tan or burn easily?
  • People that tan easily tend to have more warm/yellow undertones.
  • People that burn easily tend to have more pink/cool undertones.

When you look at your neck and chest do you see more pink undertones or more yellow undertones?

  • Yellow undertones are warm.
  • Pink undertones are cool. 

Does foundation often look to pink or too yellow on your skin?

  • If people's foundation often looks too pink, they are likely yellow undertoned.
  • If people's foundation often looks too yellow, they are likely pink undertoned.

Occasionally, you'll find someone that is very neutral in undertones and is neither yellow or pink. In this case, personal preference often trumps anything else and a swatch or opinion of a professional makeup artist may be helpful. 

Foundation Matching Quiz

Share this link to have your customers take this quiz and share their results: 

Here are a few tips to share with your customer to get the quiz just right:

  • Be as honest as possible. Sometimes we answer questions with the kind of skin we want in mind, not the skin we have.
  • Use photos to compare, or take the quiz in front of a mirror
  • Results are often very close, but not always 100% accurate. 

Get Color Matching Help

If you can not determine someone's color using the above resources, reach out to your upline or try our color matching group on Facebook for opinions.

  • When sharing a photo to be color matched please do your best to adhere to these guidelines:
  • Take the photo in natural light, in front of a window, but not in direct sunlight (see example).
  • Photo should be taken without makeup.
  • No filters, please.
  • Photo should be taken from the chest up. 

LimeLife Foundation Colors

LimeLife by Alcone Light to Medium WARM Tones

Listed here from lightest to darkest:

  • Porcelain 
  • Shinto 0
  • Shinto 1
  • Shinto 2
  • Shinto 3
  • Shinto 4

LimeLife by Alcone Light to Medium COOL Tones

Listed here from lightest to darkest:

  • Ivory
  • Gena Beige
  • Olive 1
  • Olive 2
  • Olive 3
  • Olive 4

LimeLife by Alcone DEEP Tones

Listed here from lightest to darkest:

  • Shinto 6
  • DM1
  • DM2
  • DM3
  • MB5
  • DM4
  • DM5
  • MB6
  • DM6
  • MB8


LimeLife Eyeshadows

Learn More

LimeLife by Alcone Eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented. Here are a few facts to know about our eyeshadows:

  • Colors with an (S) after the number are SHIMMER shadows. 
  • Colors with an (M) after the number are MATTE shadows. 
  • Shadow pans are 1 inch x 1 inch in size. 
  • Eyeshadows come in single, 4-well, 6-well, and 18-well palettes. 


LimeLife Eyeshadow Colors by Number (pdf)


LimeLife Eyeshadows by Palettes (pdf)


LimeLife Foundation Matching Printable (pdf)


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