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Kendra Aarhus

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Items to Organize before a Party, 1-on-1, or Vendor Show

Order Forms & Invoices

Order Forms and Invoices can be found in your Resource Library under "Business Resources" and then "Point of Sale Materials".  Be sure to have at least one order form and invoice for each guest attending a party. Extras never hurt!

  • Order Form: The order form is a document for your guest to mark the products she wants to order, specifically. There are two versions of the order form. For a quick search in the Resource Library of your back office, use the search term "order".
  • Invoice: The invoice is a document to record payment for the order. For a quick search in the Resource Library of your back office, use the search term "invoice".
  • Learn more about using invoices here.


Be sure to have disposables on hand so everyone can try your  LimeLight products with good sanitation in mind. You can purchase disposables in your back office under "Store" and then "Products" and then "Tools". We also have this handy list from with disposables that we've purchased in the past with great luck. Here are the disposables that we recommend to have on hand:

  • Lip wands for all lip colors
  • Sponges for foundation
  • Mascara wands
  • Eye shadow sponges/swabs
  • Q-tips

Other Items to Bring

Here are a few other items that may be handy to have at a party:

  • Wash cloths - I usually buy inexpensive packs of white wash cloths (because I can bleach them) from Walmart or 
  • Pens
  • Catalogs
  • Clip Boards
  • Business Cards

Face Charts & Consultation Forms

Vista Print Marketing Materials

LimeLife has a wide variety of marketing materials available for purchase on Again, these items are not required, but many beauty guides like to have extra printed materials and/or banners  for a more professional look. You can find the Vista Print link on this page

Party Downloads

These documents can help you plan and execute a professional party or one-on-one consultation. Check your back office for other documents that will help your party's success.

Amazing You Consultation Forms & Customer Profile (pdf)


Face Charts - Half Sheets (pdf)